How to document yourself before purchasing a vacuum

All homes, just like all individuals, are different. They have different particularities and need different maintenance activities in different doses. And with household maintenance tools it’s always a question of the biggest and the strongest, but rather the most appropriate.

Vacuum cleaners are in a continuous improvement process, and with the wide variety of models and features you find on the market deciding which one is better for your home might be difficult. Here are some tips on what certain features you can find in a modern vacuum cleaner good for.

When you’re thinking about a vacuum cleaner to suit your house you’re referring to the area to be covered and the type of surfaces the vacuum will have to clean. This is why the first question you should ask yourself is what type of vacuum would do the job. A canister vacuum has the best suction power, but it might be a little more difficult to maneuver on large areas. An upright vacuum lose a little of the power suction, but works much better on carpets thanks to the standard motorized brush roll. Cordless vacuum cleaners are great for difficult to reach crevices and in-between cleanings swipes, but have the disadvantage of running out of battery very fast if they’re used on large surfaces, and their suction power isn’t spectacular.

After you’ve chosen the right type of vacuum, consider the stretches that a short hose would put you through. If you have stairs, or tall ceilings in your house, a long hose will save you from a lot of back pain and help you get your job done easily and fast. In the same manner, a cordless or handheld unit will make cleaning corners and upholstery a piece of cake.

Last on our list is the type of disposal the vacuum offers. Bags are great for avoiding messy canister emptying procedures, but you need to always have refills at hand. Canisters can cause a lot of mess if the mechanism isn’t sharply executed, or cause you serious problems if you’re allergic to dust particles. This could also happen if the vacuum uses poor filtration or if instead of sucking in all the debris, the machine scatters it – as it happens when using a brush roll on flat surfaces.

In conclusion, choosing a vacuum cleaner requires to carefully consider all the details regarding the carpeting, upholstery, and surface area of your home.