My favorite country music singers


Country music is the type you either absolutely love or hate. I don’t think there is anything in between when it comes to listening to country music, although some people declare some country songs are bearable.

And, even though we live in a modern world where synthetic sounds and autotune can be added to make your voice sound better, there are still some authentic music players that appeal to real sounds and instruments to deliver their message.

However, we cannot say that country music remained immune to the paradigm changes regarding the consumers’ taste in music. Thus, we now hear plenty of songs influenced by the country current with fresh touches of pop, folk, rock, and even pop or hip-hop.

As a result, I reckon the country music is more appealing to the youngsters now that has been in the past, and there are certainly plenty of talented country music singers and bands who should be taken into account. Here are my top picks.


Johnny Cash

He is one of the most notorious country musicians in the world and has changed the music industry in the 50s. He was an avid country music player but he also experimented with various sounds and music genres throughout his career. He recorded some of his most popular songs for Columbia back in the 60s, but he continued to push the boundaries of music each year.


Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is the feminine version of Johnny Cash as she is definitely the most well-known feminine country music performer in the world. She is a talented singer, actress, and one of the best songwriters in the world. She continues to deliver long moments of pure bliss and happiness to her fans while her smile and beauty remain breathtaking even after decades in the spotlight.

Dolly Parton is also the godmother of the famous pop singer and child prodigy Miley Cyrus, and their performances together are simply amazing. Dolly’s most famous song will certainly remain “Jolene” that received many reinterpretations and covers over the years, even by her goddaughter, Miley.


Taylor Swift

Younger generations of country musicians continue to appear and, even though Taylor Swift has since taken on a pop road in her career, her musical beginnings remain tied down to country music. Taylor Swift remains one of the most popular country and pop figures in the world, and her million fans army has inspired more children to pick up country music and start making a feature for their own.


The Dead South

Even though they are mainly credited for playing folk and bluegrass, in my opinion, the Dead South is certainly one of the most promising country bands in recent history. Their sound is fresh and clean. Their voices are deep and penetrating. Their looks are certainly manly. And the banjo makes the difference.