Things you need to know when you’re getting your first keyboard or digital piano


A digital piano is an instrument that is becoming increasingly popular among adults and children alike. It is the perfect tool to help someone discover his creativity, and it will help any young mind grow healthy and even more capable than one who wasn’t exposed to music.

The market offers countless models to choose from, and that could be quite confusing. To help you make a well-thought buying decision, we’ve explored in detail some of the things that can guide you to the perfect model for you and your needs.

If the piano you are buying is something you plan to use for a long time, or if you’re buying it for a child, then you should pay attention to the width of the keys. The standard size of 23 mm is the best because it can fit most finger types and sizes, which is good if you have a child who is growing steadily. This way, playing the instrument will be comfortable and pain-free.

The size is also essential if you are a teacher and you give lessons at home to many students, young or old. It will allow you to use the same instrument, and nobody will complain that the keys are too small for them. The fabulous thing about newer digital piano models is that they have keys that are perfectly sized, meaning playing songs will be natural and enjoyable.

Another thing to double check before purchasing a product like this is if it has one or more pedals. Make sure it has the sustain pedal since it will allow you to play any modern song. Otherwise, you will be stuck with the classic compositions, which are limiting if you are someone very creative.

An element that is crucial and is often overlooked is the number of keys the digital piano has. You might want a standard keyboard which has 88 weighted keys, or a model with fewer keys, which should be easier to play by amateurs. If you have to decide between an expensive product that has a lot of keys and a cheaper one that has less than the standard number of 88, always go for the one that suits you best.

Also, if the product comes with extra features, that means it is something to consider buying. An additional speaker is always welcome, and preset tunes can be very helpful when you want to teach yourself how to play this instrument.

These are the main notes that you need to take if you want to make an informed buy. The technology behind digital pianos is getting better and better, and they are starting to gain ground and even outperform traditional pianos. So buy yours and start creating timeless pieces that will be loved by entire generations.