What do music and wellness have in common?


Music is a big part of our lives. No matter what we do we can’t seem to live without our favorite tunes. According to several researchers, music has a deep impact on our body and brain because it has the ability to change our mood. Plus, it enables us to deal with stress easier and makes us healthier and happier. It’s a faster and simpler way to improve our lives.

Neuroscientists claim that music can benefit our entire body. However, it all depends on the relationship we have with music and the type of music we typically listen to.

We all know that feeling we get whenever a song from our favorite band comes on the radio. We suddenly feel a rash of joy and we remember something happier from our life. Therapists use the same method to cure depression. Music therapy can boost the way human body responds to antidepressant medication. On top of this, the music that we listen can actually reduce the heartbeat and lower the heart pressure, especially in women that suffer from depression and anxiety.

There’s not a single person that doesn’t complain about stress. We are exposed to so many stressful situations throughout the day that we find it difficult to cope with. Because of this, we damage our health so it’s vital that we release the bad negativity somehow. One way is through music. Simply allow yourself 10 minutes of relaxations while you close your eyes and listen to your favorite jam. This practice will lower your increased blood pressure and get you rid of stress in no time. You can make a certain playlist on your smartphone and listen to it while you’re at work, in our office.

As we grow older, we tend to experience symptoms of insomnia more often. If you’ve already been using sleeping pills you might want to try something more natural. If you play some quiet music before bedtime, you’ll fall asleep easier and sleep better. There are interesting mobile apps that you can download that allow you to choose from an entire library of music content. You can set up a timer and let your mind empty for a good night sleep.

You’ve probably noticed on your last dentist appointment that you were given headphones to listen to music while the doctor looked at your teeth. Those weren’t offered you for the sole purpose to disable you from hearing the dreaded dental tools. The music that you hear can take the pain away. It’s like your brain suddenly shifts from one place to another making you feel nothing but joy.

Most people are either too tired or too lazy to start a new fitness workout. You can play some music while making crunches and push-ups if you don’t feel like training. Music can motivate you and let you achieve those body goals you’ve always dreamed of.